Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Made a Javascript Cleaner.

I am not an expert on Javascript nor I am that familiar with the language, but today I tried to do something that involved Javascript so that I could learn. So I thought to coding a Javascript-Cleaner which would help me understand its sematics on the process :D


Understanding Voronoi Diagrams.

Recently I have been trying to study methods for triangulations. I want to triangulate random 3D points for surface generation. While researching the problem, I stumbled upon an interesting diagram called Voronoi Diagram.

The Voronoi Diagram of a collection of geometric objects is a partition of space into cells, each of those cells consists of the set to points closer to one particular object that to any other.

Blogging Again :D

I haven't been working on my blogs lately. I have been quite busy to say the least. I have updated some blog post on my other blog, which is more of a technical blog. I am planning to allocate some time on this blog more often now.

Mostly I will be sharing what I am learning or trying to learn and also some works/projects I have completed. So, this will be my work dairy now onwards :D

Thank you for reading.