Saturday, May 3, 2014

Farty Bird :D

Finally my month-long exam is over and I can finally concerntrate on one or two projects in hand and I will certainly be blogging about it.

The Farty Bird :D
So what's with the "Farty Bird" you may ask? Well, my 11-yr old brother wanted me to make him a game, which he wished to call the "Farty Bird" and he also promised to help me during the development process, the offer I couldn't reject.
Especially when you have nothing to do except watch GOT all day. He loves and misses "Flappy Bird" and wanted "Farty" to be just like "Flappy" :D

My brother helped me with the graphics ( he used paint to draw scence and the bird :P ) and sounds while I worked on the game.I am not that familier with web-development yet, but after a few small "getting-to-know" projects which I've been doing for past 6-7 months or so, the development of FartyBird was fairly easily and we finished it in few hours :D

Here the link to the game: FartyBird

Its not much, but it sure made my little brother happy.

P.S: My best score is 102 :)


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