Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Morphological Analyzer for Nepali Text

Morphology is the part of linguistics that deals with the study of words, their internal structure and syntactically their meanings. A Morphological Analysis is the process of providing grammatical information of a word by detecting its morphemes. A morphological analysis generally consists of following information:
Word segmentation
Part-of-speech tagging

These are the very basics of linguistics which lays ground to many other applications. There are various different tools and resources available for morphology analysis of popular languages such as English, but morphological analysis of Nepali texts had been in a shadow for long. Fortunately, the need of these analysis has slowly been recognized.

There has been remarkable developments in Nepali Linguistics in the past 6-7 years, especially from projects at Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, Nepal.

Projects such as "Dobhase", an english to nepali translator, Spell Checker for Nepali Language, Text-to-Speech for Nepali, has encouraged the development of works in Nepali linguistics. There also has been researches on projects to build a "Morphology Analyzer" for Nepali text as well. "A Morphological Analyzer and a stemmer for Nepali" is a paper by Prof Bal Krishna Bal and Prajol Shrestha, K.U. /Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, Nepal, and based on the paper I also tried to develop a simple Morpho-Analyzer of Nepali text.

The morpho-analyzer I developed is a derivate of the paper. Link here I used a small set of POS-tag to begin with and small list of Prefixes and Suffixes good enough to test the analyzer. As in the paper, I used XML for the output of the result.

Below are some of the snapshots:

Morpho Analyzer
XML output

I am hoping to build this up and work on methodologies to improve what I have today.


  1. Any update on this project? Stemming for Nepali language is becoming important in many fields.

  2. We are working on similar kind of project in Sikkim Manipal University.

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