Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Displaying Excel in Webpage. [Excel2HTML]

Working on my report generation project, today I tried to display Excel data in JSF powered pages using Java. First I looked for existing libraries/extension for Java that would help me display Excel data in HTML. I found a pretty good library too, called the ZKSpreadSheet. Here's the link : zkspreadsheet. It's very powerful, but not exactly what I had in mind.

Snapshot of Excel Display in HTML

Looking deeper into the Web, I found a POI example project : POI Example which works pretty good as well, and converts both .xls and .xlsx to .html. Only problem that bothered me was that I couldn't display all Sheets of my Excel File. It only looks into a single Sheet at position '0' from by Workbook. So, I took a little time to upgrade it and changed some layout for the Sheets as well :)

Some of the notable features I updated:
1. Now displays all the Sheets from the Workbook.
2. Better Display of Sheets in tabs using jQuery UI

Here the link of the updated Project: Excel2HTML


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