Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Working on Excel Report Generation using Java (POI) [Automation]

I am currently working on a Java Project that automates Report Generation using POI. Given necessary parameters, it would extract data from database and construct an appropriate Excel table.
Sounds pretty straightforward, isn't it? Well, it certainly is not. A good table would require proper coloring of Cells, setting required Formulations, appropriate Merging of cells and even setting proper column width and many more.

I was initially asked if I could automate these sorts of Report Generation and make them dynamic and good looking. At first thought, I believed the task was too hypothetical. Automating Report Generation given any data, would not be possible, or at least not easy :D. But I was allowed to format the data as I wanted from the database. That means, I was given enough freedom to get the data in the format I required using my own PL/SQL scripts for the extraction. Well, then it would be quite possible to automate it and make it dynamic as well.
It was pretty fun problem to work on but not as hard as I thought. Here's are some of my outputs generated automatically and the formation of table is generated totally by my script without human help, considering solely on format in which the data is supplied.

Result from Dummy DataSet 1:

Result from Dummy DataSet 2:


Result from Dummy DataSet 3:

Result were pretty accurate for the dummy data. But I have still alot to do to make it fully functional.


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